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Our History

Our blog was created back in December of 2020 as a space to begin publishing our writing as college students and create a platform for ourselves to inherit after we graduate. We drew inspiration from one of our History professors at Messiah University, John Fea, who writes and publishes for Current.  Blogging is a great way to take in the history unfolding around us and digest it in our own way, and with so many historical events that happened in 2020 we wanted to start writing about it. There are not as many historians as before because it is not a desirable field in today's society, so it is up to us, the next generation, the 21st Century Historians.

- Keli & Kelan

Marble Surface


Our mission is to bring relevant and past stories to the surface to bring awareness to stories not always covered by the news. It is our job as Historians and story tellers to preserve all stories from different times and cultures. 


We mainly focus on writing blog entries that have a lot to do with our personal experiences or interactions we have had with others. 

We hope to expand to different types of story telling mediums such as documentary and podcast. Along side that we want to encompass stories that are not our own but family histories of others!

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