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TOP 10

Here is a list of Keli's 10 places to travel to!



As a lover of European history, there is no better place to study and surround myself in history than in England itself! i've been dreaming of going here since I was a kid. I want to visit all the Palaces, and libraries. I really want to stop by the Globe Theatre - the home of the famous playwright William Shakespeare. I need to stop by platform 9 3/4's (for all you harry potter fans). I haven't gone yet, but I can't wait to go!



If you couldn't guess from my last name Ganey, i'm incredibly Irish, so what better excuse to go visit Ireland! Its a picturesque country bursting with culture, music, and a rich history. There is so much to explore and I cannot wait to get started! A big goal of mine is to visit all the castles and historic sites of Ireland while I'm there. 



Ah Paris, the city of love and home of art and delicious treats! I definitely want to visit the Louvre museum while I'm there. I have my beret and silk neck scarves ready to go. I'd like to spend most of my time with the artists who line the streets and fill the city with sweet music and art. Maybe I'll even get into it myself and sketch or paint a painting or two. 



With the other half of my family being Italian it's only fair I go visit my relatives in Italy and eat like a Queen! When it comes to food Italians don't play around. You will feel right at home even if your home is a thousand miles away. it is definitely a place I would recommend to my fellow adventures. Make sure you make time to go visit the ruins in Rome like the colosseum and acropolis. 



Have any interest in the Holocaust or world war history? Then you need to stop by Austria. Now this stop might not be as light hearted as the others, but it is incredibly important. It may sound odd, but I can't wait to walk through some of the remnants of history's horrifying past. The lessons and new heart that you will leave with will be worth it I promise. 


The Netherlands 

This place I hold dear to my heart for multiple reasons. A dear friend of mine has family history there, and I promised them I would go visit. The Dutch have a very sweet and calming culture that I love to surround myself in. Uniquely they ride bikes more than any other culture I know of. They are very outdoorsy people and have such a great heart. If all goes well on the trip I'd love to eventually move there and maybe even work in the Van Gogh museum. 



Like Austria Germany has a sad history that must be visited, but never fear there is so much more to Germany's history that what comes to mind when we think of Germany. Martin Luther, famous humanist who posted the 95 theses if from Germany. Going to visit his home and the great church doors of Wittenberg Castle Church.


Puerto Rico 

Another personal favorite on my must travel list. My high school friend group is mostly made up of fiery Puerto Rican women with amazing hearts. I listened to them talk about their family, homes, and culture for about 5 years now. They gave me their food and even taught me some Spanish. I can't wait to go down there, hopefully with my friends, and go visit their families and all the beautiful sites. 



Mama Mia here I come! ok jokes aside Greece is a beautiful place to visit. Its got it all. Great food, beautiful weather, historical ruins, and the most picturesque scenery. sadly, this gorgeous place has to sit a little lower on my list, not everything can be number 1! 



Last but not least Sweden makes the top 10. Why you may ask? To be completely candid I'm not sure. I've only heard great things about Sweden, so I am excited to see what adventure awaits me across the sea.  

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