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Being a 21st Century Historian 

           A Historian is defined as an expert in or student of history, especially that of a particular period, geographical region, or social phenomenon. Here at 21st Century Historian I am training to become just that, and the best way to train is by actually doing!

I grew up having a love for history and stories. When I was about 10 years old I had this forth grade biography project. For the project I chose Betsy Ross, and when it was time to give a presentation I asked to make a video for it. After receiving the ok from my teacher I went to work. Working along side my mom and papa we got permission to go into Philadelphia and film my video at Betsy Ross's house. I did all my own research and script writing. I took my papa on a tour of the house, narrating all the way, and there was this couple behind us listening to me. When we noticed we told them they could pass, but they didn't want to. They wanted to listen and learn from me. That was the moment I knew I wanted to work in a museum and educate people on history. 


Now I'm in college finishing up History degree with a concentration in Public History and minor in Digital Public Humanities to become a public historian through digital media production. One way you can be a public historian is uploading historical research, conducting interviews, archiving objects, designing exhibits, or even simply keeping a blog like this!


I am currently pursuing a History degree with concentration in Public History, and a minor in Digital Public Humanities.


With my degree I hope to pursue a career working either in the National Parks system, a museum or archive, and possibly a field that combines both my love of the environment with an aspect of history.

Outside of academics, my other interests and hobbies include playing a variety of different musical genres on the trumpet, taking part in volunteering or community service projects, and playing lacrosse with the Messiah Men's Lacrosse Team as well as coaching with various youth and recreational lacrosse teams.

Meet Kelan Amme


Hi!! My name is Kelan Amme and I, like my colleague Keli, am a fellow lover of all things history! 

My love of history stemmed from a multitude of vacations that my family and I took as a kid. Some of the places we traveled to were Colonial Williamsburg Virginia, Jamestown, Plymouth Massachusetts, Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, historic Philadelphia, Bay of Fundy in St. Johns Canada, the famous locations in the historic national mall in Washington D.C., and many more! Along with the physical locations I was able to visit, a chord was always struck within me when I was younger when I would watch those addictive television shows on the History Channel or National Geographic. As a kid, my favorite historian was Dr. Zahi Hawass, the famed Egyptologist who is known around the world for the discoveries he has made when excavating historical sites in Egypt. While sitting with my parents as a little kid, I was entrapped by the glowing golden treasures, colorful hieroglyphics, and steeping pyramids that loomed over the swirling sands of Egypt. Eventually leading to today, where my family and I have collectively agreed that those shows were what inspired me to pursue a career in history.

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